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     A to Z Consultants Services focus on helping consumers and businesses achieve success one step at a time.  

     A2Z believes how success is achieved, is more important than if it  is achieved.

     A great philosopher once said, 
"Businesses do not succeed or fail...people succeed or fail."

     We focus on building successful people, than our clients and their businesses will automatically become  financially successful!" 

     A2Z has designed a comprehensive 6 STEP program to accomplish this!


Increase Cash Flow

Proper Insurance and Legal Protection 

Six Month Emergency Fund

Debt Management and Credit Restoration 

Long Term Savings

Estate and Business Preservation 

     A2Z guarantees that if you follow our detailed life and business plans, step by step, that you will not only have financial success, but true peace of mind!

     Our consultants have a vast array of knowledge and experience from A to Z such as the following:

Advertising Services

Exceeding Expectations

     After our initial consultation, A2Z will advertise your business or brand in all mediums:

• Print
• Radio
• Television
• Bill Boards
• Bus and Subway Stations
• Movie Theaters
• Social Media
And Much More!

     Sit down with our advertising consultant and let us set up a game plan to attract more customers to your business!Advertising is the life blood of your business, don't procrastinate, start today!

Accounting Service

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Looking for bookkeeping and/or controller services for your company, organization or non-profit?
We can help get you started here!

Business Branding Service

Committed to Quality

     Through our network of experience and knowledge of our consultants, A2Z drive business changing results for our clients.  We specialize in integrated and 360° marketing and media campaigns.  

     Whether it's print, social, mobile, video, web-app development, or a branded podcast...
We got you!

Business Creation Services

Exceeding Expectations

Want to start your own business?

     A2Z Business Creation Services can help your business should be incorporated, whether a traditional corporation, a Limited Liability Corporation ("LLC") or any other type of incorporation.

     Corporations have been defined in many ways.  Chief Justice Marshall and other judges have defined a corporation as, "an artificial being, invisible, intangible, and existing only in contemplation of law."  This definition emphasize that a corporation is regarded as a legal person, as collection of individuals, and as existing by virtue of permission from the state under a franchise.  Legal experts stresses the "legal immortality" of natural persons "when they are consolidated and united into a corporation," that is "one person in law."  A separate entity.

     Simply stated, a corporation, if formed and ran correctly, will never die!  A2Z's corporate creation benefit providers can help you form a new corporation, LLC or any kind of business entity. You can also lease or purchase a seasoned corporation or LLC.  Ask our business consultant support team for details.  Regardless of type of business you want, we got you!

Business Planning Services

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Businesses don't plan to fail, 
they fail to plan!

1.  A2Z will analyze your new, existing or future business by having you complete a detailed business questionnaire.

2.  A2Z will put together a comprehensive 30 page, type written, professional business plan that will include:

-Executive summary
-Keys To Success
-Vision Statement
-Mission Statement
Corporate Strategy
-Business Model
-Company Summary
-Company Location
-Corporate Needs
-Products and Services
-The Opportunity
-Barriers To Success
-Market and Customers
-Marketing Strategies
-Target Market Segment Strategy
-Strategy and Implementation Summary
-Pro Forma Budget
-Attachments of resumes, floor plans and pictures, etc.
-And many other sections, subsections and attachments. 


Credit Improvement Services

Committed to Quality

Everyone desires a 750 or higher credit score! We can help!

Consumer & Business Funding Services

Exceeding Expectations

Need funding?  We Can Help!

Other Consulting Services

Satisfaction Guaranteed

     Our consultants have a vast array of knowledge and experience from A to Z.  Here are some of the other consulting services we provide, such as:

• Commercial Leasing 
• Consumer Funding
• Contract Formation
• Contract Negotiation
• Corporate Benefits
• Corporate Expansion
• Debt Consolidation
• Debt Management 
• Equipment Leasing
• Event Planning
• Leadership Training
• Life Planning
• Marketing Strategies
• Merchant Processing
• Mortgage Financing
• Motivation & Inspiration
• PayrollSet Up
• Revenue Forecasting
• Telcom Consulting
• Visual Merchandising
• Website Design
And Much More!

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Committed to Quality

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