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Bill Payment

Bill Payment : Bill Payment

       Put more money back into your bank account with A2Z Bill Payment Program.  It allows you to save 5-25% off your bills and online purchases. The bigger the bill, the bigger the savings! 

     With A2Z, you can pay a business, organization or individual for verified goods or services within the US or Canada.


     Your recipient (who you want to pay with A2Z) does not have to register with A2Z or make any changes to the methods they currently accept. You simply tell us who you want to pay, we process the payment on your card and send the payment via a funding method they already accept.

Some popular payment types include:

  • Rent or mortgage

  • Tuition

  • Utilities (Electric, water, gas, solar, internet)

  • Car payments

  • Homeowners Association

  • Country club (Member/guest fees, events, etc)

  • Insurance

  • Taxes (Property, Income and more)

  • Home improvement

  • Mobile phone plans

  • Childcare

  • Cable

  • And Much More 

Do you own a business? 

Join the thousands of businesses using A2Z to earn extra rewards and cash flow by paying their expenses with their favorite card. Popular expenses include:

  • Vendor or equipment invoices

  • International suppliers

  • Office lease

  • Legal fees

  • Taxes (Corporate, Quarterly, etc)

  • Marketing agencies

  • Insurance

  • Contractors


The bill must not be currently past due.  A2Z will pay the following percentage based on your current monthly bill payment volume with A2Z

• 5% - $1,000 and under 
• 10% - $1,000-$2,499
• 15% - $2,500-$4,999
• 20% - $5,000-$7,499
• 25% - $7,500-$9,999

Provide us with the creditor's name, website,  phone number, your account number, username and password 

Be sure to pay us your difference ten business days BEFORE it is due and we will pay them via their online portal.

Regardless of the bill or onlIne purchase....
It's that simple!

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